Phoebus Real-Estate is a fully integrated solution for the management of properties. It integrated with Phoebus Financial Management and Purchase Order Processing. It provide built-in functions to control budget, commitments and actual expenditure during construction phases of a real estate project.

Real Estate Sales follow-up customer from very beginning phase: Lead-> Prospect->Booking->Deposit->SPA. It can also manage contract transfer, contract cancelation with detail tracking each events.

Real-Estate uses flexible payment terms definition to do projection of Revenues and automatically create, maintain receivables transactions for each contract. Revenues projection can be used as a financial model for 1, 5, 10 years. Account Receivable Ledger provides tools for collect/refund cash journal easily. It provide built-in functions to manage account receivables like: Collection Ageing reports, Customer overdue reports, follow-up customer with dunning letter, customer statements.

Real-Estate also included functions, which effectively manage lease information like duration, property and area details, and administrators of the lease. Track additional lease information like clauses, notes, and contacts concerned with a particular lease.

Behind the scene, customizable workflow engine make designing any approval process easier.

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