Phoebus provides the capability to manage inventory, ensuring full visibility of product, intermediate and raw material items, while also delivering lot and batch control. The Inventory module comprises Inventory Management and Inventory Traceability, with additional options, Costing, delivering Landed Costing and Cost Analysis, and Product Profiles. The solution enables greater control over inventory levels, without forfeiting essential customer service levels.

Material and Inventory Item Catalog: Keep your assets organized and classified to multiple catgories.

Barcode and Labeling: Use barcode scanners to manage your inventory more quickly and accurately. Phoebus Inventory is compatible with most barcode scanners you can plug into your computer. Barcode can be integrated to item label report.

Web base dashboard: Have everyone working off the same data in real time using web-base Phoebus. You can have everyone's computers connected over the internet!

Report Designer: Use our query designer and Report Designer to get any information like well consumption report, items below minimum level, and how long your inventory will last. …

Automatic Mailing: Phoebus Mailing will automatic send email to responsible persons on regular basis or on event basis.

User Defined Workflow: Design your workflow with Phoebus for automatic routing documents between departments

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